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Risultati 220-240 di 1878

The analysis of household surveys

a microeconometric approach to development policy

  • Deaton, Angus

Evaluating targeted cash transfer programs

a general equilibrium framework with an application to Mexico

  • Coady, David

Household expenditure surveys

some methodological issues

  • Grootaert, Christiaan

Macroeconomics in Africa

  • Harvey, Charles, M.A.

La Povertà in Italia

  • Sarpellon, Giovanni

Rebuilding after war

micro-level determinants of poverty reduction in Mozambique

  • Simler, Kenneth

Review of food consumption surveys 1981

(household food consumption by economic groups)

  • FAO

Review of food consumption surveys-1985

household food consumption by economic groups

  • FAO

Review of food consumption surveys-1988

household food consumption by economic groups

  • FAO

Rural household vulnerability and insurance against commodity risks

evidence from the United Republic of Tanzania

  • Christiaensen, Luc J.

Sharing rising incomes

disparities in China

  • Atinc, Tamar Manuelyan

The Social dimensions of adjustment in Africa

a policy agenda

  • African Development Bank

Consumi e stili di vita in Toscana [+]

rapporto CENSIS-Findomestic

  • Censis

Che fare, dunque?

  • Tolstoj, Lev Nikolaevič


esercizi e problemi

  • Ferraguto, Giuseppe <1957- >