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The black gold murders. Prelude to murder

  • Eberhart, Mignon G.

No tears for Shirley Minton

Shoot a sitting duck. A room at the Hotel Ambre

  • Lowe, Kenneth

Horror on the Ruby X

We haven't seen her lately. The bad blonde

  • Crane, Frances

The case of the daring decoy

Count the cost. Once a widow

  • Gardner, Erle Stanley

Tropico del cancro

In postfazione Nel ventre della balena

  • Miller, Henri

Il giardino del profeta [+]

  • Gibran, Kahlil<1883-1931>

Killer among us

The girl who cried wolf. Requiem for a blonde

  • Martin, Robert

Hush-a-bye murder

Poor Harriet. Death of an ambassador

  • Alexander, David

The case of the terrified typist

They're going to kill me. Backfire

  • Gardner, Erle Stanley

Estate ; Beatrice Palmato [+]

romanzo : frammento non pubblicabile

  • Wharton, Edith

Il decennio perduto

  • Fitzgerald, Francis Scott

Il blues del rottame vagante

  • Fitzgerald, Francis Scott

La luna dei teschi

  • Howard, Robert E.

Un amore

  • Hayes, Alfred